winter seeGoodmorning there!! Today is the first Saturday in more than a months that I don’t work!! Yeiiii…! Plus to my hapiness is that this Monday in Greece is a holiday and we don’t work, so I had the chance to go away for a mini vacation. As I’ve mentioned before at many weekend posts I miss nature (especially the sea where i’m going) and I’m so looking forward to it! I will be back with photos i promise!! Let’s have a great weekend!!xoxo


Vacation time!

summer busyTime for summer vacation is finally here for me too!!! I can’t describe you how much I need this right now… From now on, this is what I’m going to do for the next days! Exactly like the photo above..this is my summer plan!!
For those who will leave also I wish you to have a great time, rest, have fun, get tanned and return with a lot of memories and the batteries fully charged!
For those who will stay in the city I wish you a great time too, summer in the city can be super exciting too! You can follow every proposal of the summer bucket list here!

If you want, until I come back,  you can follow me in facebook where I’ll try to keep a presence!

A bientot!

Sweet like sugar!


After Jakarta, next tropical stop is Mexico! It’s not my fault, I’m trying to work and these places just come up! And then, naturally, I imagine myself lying in a hammock like above, reading a book, going to the beach and enjoying summer vacations in general!
This time I have Azucar hotel! This amazing resort is in Tecolutla, on the central east coast of Veracruz – at the northern tip of Mexico’s glorious Emerald Coast. It is a combination of joyful and quintessentially Mexican juxtapositions of colour and texture, the romance of the coastline landscape combined with simple and unpretentious luxury.
According to hotelier Carlos Couturier: “I see my hotel as an ecological, organic project. It is a design hotel yet it is somehow anti-design. I wanted to recuperate a lifestyle gone by – that of my grandparents – and give guests the pleasures of simple things.”

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The hotel consists of 20 separate bungalows, each complete with private terrace with breath-taking view of the Gulf of Mexico. Traditional thatched palapa roofs, sugar white walls which reflect the bright sunlight are the main materials. The interiors are calm, intimate and have a quite zen atmosphere. Built-in nooks for candles and bedside reading, as well as locally-made hammocks create a comfortable cave for solitude and relaxation. Clearly inspired by mid-century Mexican modern, the bare white walls are contrasted by found drift-wood lintels and ornamentation, vibrant aquamarine, teal and dusty pink features, and timber doors and fenestration.

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Public spaces are mainly open-air and echo the pared-back style of the bungalows. An outdoor library, a chapel and mediation area, bar and restaurant share the language of strong white curved walls, built-in furniture and vernacular thatched roof made from local timber and foliage. A dedicated chapel and meditation space maintain calm inside a wall of river stones and a large tree canopy. And of course, a figure-eight shaped swimming pool lies at the heart of the resort!

biblioteca2_0 9_4 1_84I don’t know about you, but I would die to spent some days there!!!