Trip to…


It’s been a while I’m trying to post something in the blog and can never find the time to do it! I’ve been very busy with work in general, but the last week I was in small vacations for pleasant projects. I’ve been to Ikaria and Chalkidiki for different reasons but I’m gonna write about it another time…because I have big news to announce..!!

I’m about to travel to a place I’ve always wanted and never believe I would! Eventually, I’m very thrilled to tell you that I’m going to India for 10 days next week!!! I’m so happy, I’m afraid I’ll jinx it! So, as you can imagine I’m going to tell you everything after I come back! The truth is I’d like to use any hints you have to offer me, any propositions or warnings for India, from you you live there or you’ve already visited. I’m going to stay around New Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Agra and Khajuraho. I can’t wait!!!

The photo is from a collection of vintage travel posters for India.


Let’s go on a roadtrip…

Methoni, Greece

Methoni, Greece. Photographer: My blue flamingo

I know, escaping isn’t a solution but I can always dream about it… If only I could leave for an adventure, vacations etc..and never come back! Until then, I have my imagination…
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