Happy 1st of May!

May flowers1

Blue little flowers by Donald Sultan

Today is 1st day of May, the weather is beautiful in Athens, I’m ready to leave for a 3-days vacation, I will relax a little bit after a hard working week where I can’t feel my legs and I’m so so happy about all of these!!!!! I’m going to tick the 1st wish on my bucket list, the big project is about to finish (fingers crossed to go well) and I’m going for a small roadtrip that I so wanted the last months (i love driving on the countryside!).

Also, May is the month of flowers and especially today is such a fiest of them! That’s why I have 10 great floral patterns for you! I’m leaving while flowers are flying behind me…(ok you can mock me for my imagination!) Happy 1st of May everyone!

May flowers2

Desktop wallpaper by emily isabella. I love her wallpapers!

May flowers3

Pink flowers by Maggie Humphray

May flowers4

Tropical pink flowers by Schatzi Brown through society6

May flowers5

Floral pattern via designworklife

May flowers6

Summer patterns via teamconfetti

May flowers7

Grape pattern by the elephant room

May flowers9

B&W flowers by Arts Thread

May flowers10

anemones pattern – no source

See more floral patterns in spring mood HERE

Pink for Spring!

pink for spring 01_mbf

Tulip chair with pink cushion photographed by Janis Nicolay | via Desire to Inspire

One sunny day is enough to help the spring get inside me! I’m so looking forward for this season every year! It’s not my favorite-summer will always be the king-but I’m always thrilled for this changing of weather, nature and mood of people! So, inspired by spring today, I collected some environments that have this joyful spirit, with one common clue: pink color! What color would be more suitable afterall? Especially for this blog… Decorate with pink to bring the spring in your home!

pink for spring 10_mbf

Bar cart with flamingo wallpaper via Rue daily

pink for spring 09_mbf

Pink elegance by artnau

pink for spring 08_mbf

Florist Chair by Knauf and Brown | via Leibal

pink for spring 07_mbf

Gorgeous outdoor chairs “Baia” by Paola Lenti | via Style park

pink for spring 06_mbf

Pink Smeg fridge photographed by Claus Bellers&Thomas Ibsen | via Bolig magazine

pink for spring 05_mbf

Hot pink wall with bright colors – eye candy! By Frillie designs on flickr

pink for spring 04_mbf

Pink sheepskin and tolix chair in total white environment…not bad right? via Lauren Conrad

pink for spring 03_mbf

One of my favorite color combinations: pink with red! Photograph by Lisa Cohen, styling by Indianna Foord | via Vogue magazine

pink for spring 02_mbf

A flamingo in the house always brings pink in the house! via Milk Magazine-Designerbox

PS. See some more pictures with flamingos in the house in an old post here


flowersYesterday it was the first day of spring officially and here in Athens we had great days! Sun all day long and spring mood everywhere! I was sick for a while but now I’m ready for enjoying my Sunday. Happy rest of the weekend to all of you, I hope you have great time!! Bring Spring in your home with some flowers this weekend!

Flower patterns for Spring

Second day of March and Spring just started! Nature will start to bloom and our mood will be lighter, that’s for sure! For welcoming Spring I gathered some flower patterns. And because I can’t wait they have a tropical flavor as you can see. Have a colorful week, month and Monday!

spring patterns_09

Pattern design based on a Tropical theme. This pattern is part of A Side Project pattern collection. By Louise Jones

spring patterns_08

Blue flowers. Source unknown

spring patterns_06

From the collection of Pattern Textiles

spring patterns_05

Large-Flowered Broom Repeat Print by Andrea Stark

spring patterns_04

Tropical flowers, via gardening


Spring officially

As today it is officially the first day of spring, some photos of flowers will be the perfect theme for this post. I really like the composition of some photos with flowers or food. A simple table, austere background and the colours make a statement by themselves. Today I will stay focused on flowers though…

photo credit: Constanca Cabral

photo credit: Constanca Cabral

image from my archive - unknown photographer

image from my archive – unknown photographer

image from my archive - unknown photographer

image from my archive – unknown photographer

photo credit: Garden&love

photo credit: Garden&love

photo credit: Rinne Allen

photo credit: Rinne Allen

photo credit: Kiyoaki

photo credit: Kiyoaki

photo credit: Kiyoaki

photo credit: Kiyoaki

Especially in this blog here, Kiyoaki, I found amazing photos of nature and food!! I just couldn’t stop scrolling down!!
Enjoy 🙂

spring, is that you..?

These days in Athens the weather is very shiny and warm for February. So that everyone thinks that spring is here but I prefer to be more cautious..I just wait.. to be sure.. and then I will be really happy! But what if Winter has more to give and keep it for the end?? For now, the almond trees have started to blossom everywhere and combined with the sun, makes the scenery very beautiful! Every year the bloom of almond trees is the start of spring, so we wait and see..until then we enjoy the gorgeous little flowers.


Αυτές τις μέρες στην Αθήνα έχει τέτοιο καλό καιρό που είναι να απορείς για Φλεβάρη. Όλοι περιμένουν την άνοιξη και έχουν αναθαρρήσει αλλά εγώ προτιμώ να είμαι λίγο επιφυλακτική ακόμα…απλά περιμένω..να είμαι σίγουρη..και μετά θα μπορώ να είμαι ευτυχισμένη! Γιατί τι θα γίνει αν ο χειμώνας μας την έχει φυλαγμένη?? Προς το παρόν, έχουν ανθίσει οι αμυγδαλιές παντού και σε συνδυασμό με τον ήλιο φτιάχνουν ένα πολύ όμορφο σκηνικό! Κάθε χρόνο οι αμυγδαλιές δηλώνουν την έναρξη της άνοιξης, οπότε περιμένουμε…μέχρι τότε απολαμβάνουμε αυτά τα πανέμορφα μικρά λουλουδάκια.

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