Material trend | Terrazzo

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that more and more terrazzo is used in high aesthetic renovations. Not only because we used it in our Room18 proposal, but I love it!!! I want it everywhere, on floors, walls, furniture, details! It’s so chic, bold, down to earth and architectural that with the right material combination it can transform a room. It highlights the general design of a space with a humble yet aristocratic way. I could say that terrazzo is the new cement that I hope is here to stay.

It’s not by luck that the best known brands have used it in their retail stores with high success. Valentino, Prada, Issey Miyake are some of them, presented at this post. Especially Valentino uses terrazzo at every retail store in the world, keeping the same style and giving us more chances for our jaws to drop! Here we see the New York, Rome and Paris’ stores, designed by David Chipperfield Architects.
See for yourselves below how the products come up like art exhibits or jewelry!

The size and color of the chippings varies so that we can have different styles and even combine them for a bolder result!

Of course floors, walls and other components aren’t the only way of using terrazzo. Furniture, counters, sinks and objects by it are very beautiful too! I absolutely love this minimal aesthetic, don’t you? Check out the kitchen here and the bathroom here.

Or how about almost the whole bathroom? I’ll take it! Extra points at the white, minimal accessories and the general minimal design.

Stairs also can have terrazzo and speak to our hearts directly…
Stairs on the left Stairs on the right

However, my favorite terrazzo application is at these spinning lightings! Mari Goga is the designer of them, Greek and inspired! I’m so in love with them, I’m already thinking how on earth I could have one of these…for now I only dream about it. Aren’t they super lovely?

Below you can see other applications in a different, even funkier way. Terrazzo can be colored of course and rule the room! I would be in a great dilemma which one I should use in a renovation, grey or colored…Which one do you prefer??

Photo links from top left to right: 1. Acne studio 2. Olivia Aspinall Studio 3. Prada store 4. Issey Miyake 5. Cafe Kitsune


You can check our ‘Room18’ entry in this post, where we used terrazzo on the half of the room and we nailed it! hehe


Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent

Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter2Today I’m back with an interior design after a long time! I think I will compensate you with today’s post, tell me at the end!
What can anyone say about this deli store/ catering space that leaves you breathless! I got so in loved when I saw it that words cant’s describe my admiration. Belgian twin brothers, Kristof and Stefan Boxy opened this store in Ghent, Belgium following their big carrier in culinary . Several michelin star restaurants, catering businesses and cookbooks (Just Cooking) can prove their talent. Unfortunately, this venture closed after a year for unknown reasons. For sure it’s worth noticed after all. Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter3 Designed in collaboration with Frederic Hooft, it’s a luxurius space, very chic and elegant with a contemporary touch. As you can see it doesn’t seem old and heavy decorated but very fresh and modern. The beautiful moldings on the ceilings, the sparkling chandeliers, the sumptuous mirrors, the wooden floor and some antique furniture are combined with the minimal display cases and counters, naked walls and off-white colors. That’s how the atmosphere of history and tradition with a modern twist is created. Minimal opulence! The setting reminds us of a museum or an art gallery, which is partly the reason the whole enterprise appears opulent and luxurious and sets one up to expect high prices and superior quality. – Tuija Seipell. Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, cheese Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, charcuterie Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, entranceAt the entrance there is also a surprising installation. Two hanging  sets of mossy balls with plants welcome us and soften the white environment of the inside. Yet they strenghten the impression of an art gallery! Photographs by Frederik Vercruysse and Boxy Fine Foods.