Sponge factory in Symi, Greece

45-LOS-symi-mbfI keep bumping into this renovation and I didn’t know it was made in Greece! I’m so impressed by Greek architecture lately! 😉
After Nisyros, we go to Symi this time. A Greek island, part of the Dodecanese island chain, very beautiful from what I’ve heard.

In Symi then, there is a new bistro bar and art gallery, LOS (Lobster-Oyster-Sushi). Designed by Yannos Vrousgos and his team Input Creative Studio LOS is a very successful example of modern architecture and design in a traditional building with history.
0-LOS-symi-mbf1-LOS-symi-mbf 3-LOS-symi-mbfLocated in an old sponge factory that was once home of a merchant who made the first sponge diving equipment! The façade of the building was restored keeping the traditional color palette of the island mixing the old and the new with a modern signage and lighting. So it’s implied that many wonders are to be discovered entering the building! The design of LOS references the very interesting island’s history and culture while adding something fresh and contemporary!

In the interior the bar is stealing the show with an installation of copper pipes and light bulbs that mimics the shape of a sponge. A great dynamic is created as it pays homage to the building’s original owner. Sponge is also referred by the bar itself which is also a piece of jewel, made by porous concrete in a freeform shape.

21-LOS-symi-mbf 56-LOS-symi-mbf 4-LOS-symi-mbf 7-LOS-symi-mbf 8-LOS-symi-mbf

The amazing patterned tile of the floor affects the general color palette, the custom brass tables give something sophisticated and the tapestry of the big seating area reminds us the traditional fabrics. The mural of a diving mask finishes off the dining area with a slight sense of humor and the copper ductwork throughout ties together the overall character of the design.

Undoubtedly, it’s an incredible mix of contemporary and tradition elements creating something really special in the island of Symi!

81-LOS-symi-mbf 61-LOS-symi-mbf 50-LOS-symi-mbf 31-LOS-symi-mbf 14-LOS-symi-mbf 2-LOS-symi-mbf


Stockholm restaurant meets the desert

01-FineFood-note design studio_mbf

After all these posts about summer it’s time to get back to some design stuff! I’ve seen this restaurant some days now and it has been stuck in my mind! You’ll see, it’s quite special. Finefood is a striking coffee shop and restaurant in Stockholm, designed by Note Design Studio.

What I like the most is its concept. Inspired by a beautiful photo series of Death Valley by American artist Jordan Sullivan, the swedish design studio has created an interior that leans heavily on their Scandinavian and minimalistic heritage. The soothing colours of the world’s hottest desert are so perfectly translated into space creating a clean, soft interior. The beautiful colour palette directly reflects the soft daylight colour changes and poetic landscape of the mountains that Sullivan has captured in his photos.


The used materials are succesfully chosen. Grey custom made herringbone floor that represents the greyscale of the area’s rocks and mountains. Deep green Guatemala marble in the counter and pastel greens and turquoise are combined with salmon red and peach. Just like the desert sky at sunrise! The palette is so unusual but so elegant and tasteful! All the materials and textures are exquisite. So is the design that reminds me a little of midcentury style that is my recent love.. Light ash wood, brass and natural leather, tables, sofas and shelves specifically designed for the project, create a unique atmosphere and aesthetic eating environment that can’t be unnoticed.

9 FineFood-note design studio_mbf

Nice photo for the materials that are used! Style everywhere

1 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 2 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 3 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 4 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 5 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 6 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 7 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 8 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 10 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 11 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 12 FineFood-note design studio_mbf

Photos by NOTE

Treasure in Jakarta


Three Buns restaurant is an new meat restaurant in Jakarta that caught my attention. It has something tropical and relaxing, like a shelter from the heat of the town, where you can eat amazing burgers as it’s said! Who wants more?? Like a giant greenhouse you have the impression to be in a cool, contemporary oasis where nature climbs over furniture and brings the outdoors in. What I like the most is the amphitheatrical position of seatings where you have full visibility of the kitchen at work and the whole restaurant. Also there is a self-service kiosk which makes the atmosphere more playful and relaxed.
Furniture with minimalist structure, japan style we could say, such as the bar and the seatings are combined with pal colours of nature and brightened by some playful, artistic details. One of them is the graffity behind the kitchen, created by some local, depicting a butcher with a bulldog-mascot of the restaurant!

Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-33 Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-4 Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-2 SAMSUNG CSCYou can see another exotic restaurant here, in Mexico this time!


Romita Comedor

Romita Comidor is a restaurant in Mexico that could motivate me to visit the country! It is located in Mexico City, in the heart of Colonia Roma, at Avenida Álvaro Obregón 49.
The building dates back to early 1900s and its style was inspired by grand railway stations. It is also protected by the INBA (Instituta Nacional de Bellas Artes).
It has an ambience of modern tradition, the materials and the open, but protected space, create a very friendly environment that can attract also locals and visitors. Wood, tiles and surface treatments combined with many plants are used wisely. Also, the massive windows, glass ceiling a retractable awning all take full advantage of the station-style architecture, and let the light in.

Romita Comedor is known for authentic Mexican cuisine, great cocktails at the two bars, and live entertainment by well-known DJs. The building also houses a design shop and a hair salon. – Tuija Seipell

2 3 4  9  13 17610 18 20 21After all of these, isn’t a good opportunity to go to Mexico?? I would totally celebrate something there!