Gradient appartment in Paris

00 Gradient appartment_mbfHow about this surprising wall effect for a classic environment like this apartment in Paris? At first the building itself is a masterpiece! However, do you dare painting it in such a bold way? I find it brilliant. It made me see the dominant aesthetic in a very different way, it surprised me for this reinvention of classic style and I love it.

This beautiful duplex apartment is placed in a listed building on Place de Colombie, in Paris’ 16th arrondissement. Situated in the 1930’s Art Deco residential complex known as the “Walter Buildings”. The refurbishing completed Ramy Fischler, designer of RF Studio, who combined so cleverly traditional elements with forward-thinking design interventions.

01 Gradient appartment_mbf 02 Gradient appartment_mbf 03 Gradient appartment_mbf 04 Gradient appartment_mbfHowever I have to clear something. Although I love the gradient painting effect, I don’t feel so comfortable with a lot of other contemporary elements like the fake curtains. That’s not so much my style but it’s a complete concept and I present it to you as a whole.

05 Gradient appartment_mbf 06 Gradient appartment_mbf 07 Gradient appartment_mbfThe house is separated in two sections. The living area (living room, dining room, master bedroom) is situated in the front windowed area and the rest of living spaces (walk-in wardrobe, kitchen bathroom, water closet for guests) are at the back. This separation is reflected of course in the design. The existing parquet de Versailles and wall woodworks are preserved while the back section is a full contemporary house!
This difference is happening in a transitional way: Dramatic curtains made of lacquered plaster cover the entry traditional hall walls as the walk-in wardrobe, prints of Baroque era paintings have been applied on mirrors and other surfaces. The floors change material while the new one is copying the pattern of the old one. Also, in the “traditional” section the designer chose to put contemporary furniture, to combine the styles. And my favorite, the white painting that is applied by hand, on the woodwork in the living room and dining area creating a fading out effect, as if it was a mist that keeps the mystery of this past era.

08 Gradient appartment_mbf 09 Gradient appartment_mbf 10 Gradient appartment_mbf 11 Gradient appartment_mbf 12 Gradient appartment_mbf 13 Gradient appartment_mbf 14 Gradient appartment_mbf 15 Gradient appartment_mbfvia yatzer


Sponge factory in Symi, Greece

45-LOS-symi-mbfI keep bumping into this renovation and I didn’t know it was made in Greece! I’m so impressed by Greek architecture lately! 😉
After Nisyros, we go to Symi this time. A Greek island, part of the Dodecanese island chain, very beautiful from what I’ve heard.

In Symi then, there is a new bistro bar and art gallery, LOS (Lobster-Oyster-Sushi). Designed by Yannos Vrousgos and his team Input Creative Studio LOS is a very successful example of modern architecture and design in a traditional building with history.
0-LOS-symi-mbf1-LOS-symi-mbf 3-LOS-symi-mbfLocated in an old sponge factory that was once home of a merchant who made the first sponge diving equipment! The façade of the building was restored keeping the traditional color palette of the island mixing the old and the new with a modern signage and lighting. So it’s implied that many wonders are to be discovered entering the building! The design of LOS references the very interesting island’s history and culture while adding something fresh and contemporary!

In the interior the bar is stealing the show with an installation of copper pipes and light bulbs that mimics the shape of a sponge. A great dynamic is created as it pays homage to the building’s original owner. Sponge is also referred by the bar itself which is also a piece of jewel, made by porous concrete in a freeform shape.

21-LOS-symi-mbf 56-LOS-symi-mbf 4-LOS-symi-mbf 7-LOS-symi-mbf 8-LOS-symi-mbf

The amazing patterned tile of the floor affects the general color palette, the custom brass tables give something sophisticated and the tapestry of the big seating area reminds us the traditional fabrics. The mural of a diving mask finishes off the dining area with a slight sense of humor and the copper ductwork throughout ties together the overall character of the design.

Undoubtedly, it’s an incredible mix of contemporary and tradition elements creating something really special in the island of Symi!

81-LOS-symi-mbf 61-LOS-symi-mbf 50-LOS-symi-mbf 31-LOS-symi-mbf 14-LOS-symi-mbf 2-LOS-symi-mbf