August | Let the summer begin!


First day of August and the living is easy… or I wish it was! As I get closer and closer to my vacation days it’s getting even harder to focus and work! What about you? I must ignore the sirens and do stuff but all I think is a deep dive into the sea and forget about everything…

So, what did you do the weekend? I had a very special time because my best friend is getting married in a month and we had all kind of preparations! Wedding dress fitting and 2 kind of bachelor parties! One night version of it (At a beach bar, drinking cocktails and wearing funny stuff) and one morning version of it (traditional hammam treatment!!!) This second one was my favorite! I’ll talk about it next days, I hope..

So, you tell me, how can I work after such a weekend!? Impossible!!


New week – new blog thoughts

working with a viewLately I have a difficulty on posting home offices! Maybe it’s the political developments in Greece that have taken all my thoughts away in general – you just can’t focus in this uncertainty. These days that I was already working from home I always find some reason to get up, clean something, tidy up the house..(and even so it’s a mess again!).
Maybe it’s the summer that got into me and doesn’t let me even think about work..I don’t know. Especially as we go deeper and deeper in my favorite season I don’t feel like working…at all!

I think it’s the combination of these 2 reasons but the second one it’s not gonna change soon (I don’t even want to make assumptions about the first reason!), that’s why I’m reconsidering about monday’s posts. I would like your opinion though. I was thinking of cute patios instead and outdoor spaces in general, or one shot with great design details with irrelevant theme each time, sometimes it could be a dreamy workplace again. Or something else..what do you think?

Photo via This is glamorous

Home office of the week

workspace vogue livingHello again! I lost my Monday-date with the blog but I’m here today for it. The truth is with all the latest political developments in Greece I don’t have clear thinking to do anything. Not to mention working!! I have a real hard time to focus and some drawings waiting to be done!

However, I’m still trying and that’s why I thought to be inspired by a workspace like every week. This home office has everything I need for this: Rough wooden desk, very simple, design armchairs because we may be simple but our aesthetic can be hidden! Sky blue color on the wall to keep us calm and delightful like the summer sky and some irrelevant statues on the desk and some art posters to keep art and construction on the table! I shouldn’t forget to mention the fantastic sleek and chic grey floor that fits perfectly with the classic carved wooden panels around! Let’s work now…(?)

Photo source: Vogue Living

Office of the week

rafa kids deskWhen did Monday arrive again?! Bring weekend back! Or bring the next weekend now… I imagine, I could compromise with this desk though. I could do some work in such an environment if you insist… This K desk, designed by Rafa-kids is just an eye treat, so chic and delicate, simple enough and very practical! See here for more details, there are no screws or connectors outside, its finish is very smooth and it can be closed or open depending on how you want to use it. I like its multifanctionality. Also, in total white in an environment like that – parisian appartment for example is just perfect! Did you notice the book titles on the surface? Design and Architecture, of course! So, have a smooth Monday and a happy working week! Good morning!

Office of the week

garden officeGood morning everyone! How do you feel this monday, ready for the new week? I’m not! I’d like some more hours of sleeping please… That’s why I chose this workspace today, to cheer me up and inspire me for work. Isn’t it a small paradise? Like you work in the jungle and this is your shady, cool working spot where you can create stuff in peace. Industrial and raw environment but with the element of nature everywhere giving a sensitive touch. Ok, now I’m ready of going out, thankfully it’s a sunny day! Have a nice week!

photo via vintage blog

Office of the week

inspiration officeI don’t know about you but I wasn’t ready for this weekend to end! I still want some time off before this week starts. I had a very nice time this weekend and I have in front of me a very demanding week so I don’t want it to start!! Out of the blue I have in my hands some new projects to deliver and I probably will need more hours than 24 per day… So, it’s like I’m sitting in that office and waiting for some inspiration to come. Please inspiration, come quickly! Everything is white and minimal (absence of decoration!) just what is needed in such situations. Have a nice Monday (funny wish I know!) and a new week!

photo via Stil Inspiration

Office of the week

Good morning my blue flamingo friends! How was your weekend? Mine didn’t start with good vibes but thankfully continued in great circumstances, eventually it was really nice. I felt the summer coming and took care of my home just a little bit.

Today, as Monday it’s a difficult day I assume for all of us, but “home offices” are here to remind us some ideal working spaces and help us daydreem a little! This workplace is just perfect for me today because I’m in a mood of reorganizing my work. This large wooden desk and the whole wall as a moodboard (piece of art of course on the scene!) are what I loved the most.
So, let’s have a piecefull Monday and a creative week! xoxo

Office of the week

home office with a viewHello everyone!! How was your weekend and your easter holidays? Mine was awsome!! But by awsome I mean I did almost nothing! I spent these 4 days home alone, watching my favorite tv series, eating on the sofa, whenever I liked, sleeping a lot, no alarms and not talking to anyone all day! (Hum..ok I was talking on the phone with family just not to worry them) And ok, I also worked a little, all of these I wanted to do and didn’t have the time; I found the time at last, so it was kind of soothing finishing them… The last months, as I’ve told you, I was working like crazy! And this is what I’m going to do again from today on. So, these 4days were a paradise for me! It was exactly what I needed for recharging my batteries and find again myself! As an introvert very drained and overwhelmed from the last hectic months I really enjoyed that easter holiday! What about you? I am ready now for continuing what I paused and what could it be better than a super calm home office with such a view? Let’s have a great week and push “play” again in spring mood! Photo source: Vacation House in Swiss Alps

Office of the week

office windowGood morning! How was your weekend? I was working all of it and I’m so tired that this is the only workplace I could stand today! Of course I will go to work today but these series of posts are kind of imaginary anyway.
Monday it is then, but don’t be discouraged. I have for you this tiny, cute home office in Sydney to dream on. A shyly opened window as Spring is showing her face now and then.’s so calm and beautiful that it makes me want to write a novel or something…(figure of speech, I could never write a novel!)
Have a nice week!

Photo source: Minimal Desks

Office of the week

Office quotesGood morning and happy new week! For me will be a demanding one that’s why I’m posting this home office with a lot of encouraging quotes! Especially the “get off the internet” is very necessary for my situation! I find this idea very cute if you need now and then that kind of advices to keep going. I doubt that it would be very effective, at least for me, but you never know…Read more on My Attic.