Desk behind couch

desk behind couch_modern classicToday I’m thinking about living rooms and how would be a desk behind the couch. I’m working on a project and seriously the best place to put the desk is there. At first, I had doubts, maybe the desk will be covered, maybe it will be ennoying to the people that are sitting in front etc…
On the contrary!…after some research I am sure now that it can even be a design element very very interesting!

What do you think?

desk behind couch_classic desk behind couch_wood desk behind couch_simple desk behind couch_industrial desk behind couch_cozy desk behind couch_compination desk behind couch_black


mood indigo

What a wonderful song to start your day! I heard it today and got in the mood right away. Its slow rhythm and sweet melody got my brain slowly in function.

So, this title was my motive to search some interiors in blue indigo all over the place. I really like that colour!

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Looking for cushions

I am trying to change the colours on my living room so I am looking on e-shops for cushions and throws. I am thinking to stay on blue tones so I have material mostly for this colour. However, I got lost on these amazing sites, where you can loiter for hours, so I collected also some cushions of different styles. We all can see that I like geometric patterns! Or a quote, or a vintage touch, or something completely different as…What if I make a pet company on my sofa? So many ideas and so small sofa!!

Αυτό τον καιρό προσπαθώ να αλλάξω τα χρώματα στο καθιστικό μου, οπότε ψάχνω στο ιντερνετ για μαξιλάρια και ριχτάρια. Σκέφτομαι να κινηθώ σε μπλε τόνους μόνο οπότε έχω μαζέψει υλικό κυρίως για αυτό το χρώμα. Βέβαια, χάθηκα σε αυτά τα τέλεια sites, όπου μπορείς να χαζεύεις για ώρες, οπότε μάζεψα και κάποια μαξιλάρια διαφορετικού στυλ. Όπως όλοι βλέπουμε με τραβάνε τα γεωμετρικά μοτίβα! Ή μήπως μια φράση ή μια vintage πινελιά ή κάτι πιο τσαχπίνικο όπως…μήπως να φτιάξω μια παρέα κατοικίδιων στον καναπέ μου?? Τόσες ιδέες και τόσο μικρός καναπές!


Links for cushions above:
1-12 Society6 , 13,15 SVPPLY, 14 Etsy,  16 Etsy and Modcloth