Mid century shopping list

Do you remember the mid-century crisis I have recently? It’s in this post and this post for those who need a reminder. So, I made 2 moodboards-shopping lists for you! One for the austere, elegant style and one for the happy, colored one. Chose your favorite and adapt it to your home!

austere list

1. Drommen bed from CB2 (850,05€) | 2. 3pieces vase set from CB2 (16,98€) | 3. Tork brass dripping mirror from CB2 (194,86€) | 4. Austin floor lamp from MADE (79£) | 5. Max brass sculpture from CB2 (42,50€) | 6. Zemi stool from CB2 (101,26€) | 7. Elixir mini bar from CB2 (254,42€) | 8. Cut glass bulb from CB2 (6,76€) | 9. Adelle rug black from FAB (599$) | 10. Fringe with benefits throw from CB2 (101,26€)

midcentury color1. Art print from society6 (17,00$) | 2. Judy throw (99,00$) | 3. Cohen table lamp from MADE (55£) | 4. Esme desk from MADE (279£) | 5. Fetch lamp from FAB (49,50$) | 6. Jonah sofa from MADE (499£) | 7. Fonteyn bedside table from MADE (199£) | 8. Seafoam vase from CB2 (14,42€) | 9. Dakota rug from MADE (249£)

Damn you Patricia Urquiola!

So many and great projects! Every time I am surprised by the concept, idea and design of her creations, I just love her. I think that Urquiola’s interior design is always much of a novelty.
I especially adore her armchairs! Klara below is my favorite. Here are only some of her creations, just to make a point!

Klara armchairs for Moroso

Klara armchairs for Moroso


Antibody armchair for Moroso


Antibody armchair for Moroso

Banda Poofs

Banda Poofs

Banda Poofs detail

Banda Poofs detail


Volant armchair for Moroso and vase for Kartell


Déchirer tiles by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina



I fell in love!

peacock room

My blue flamingo fell in love with a peacock! I found this company in Australia, the Family love tree which has also an e-shop and couldn’t stop looking the amazing furniture! I love peacock chairs and always wanted one for my bedroom but unfortunately these are too expensive including the shipping…So sad the flamingo… But, I can always imagine and “window shop”! Also these furniture could make a perfect balcony or garden!! Just imagine them…oh my…

peackock chairs love chairs couch lightings

Of course, there are a lot of other pieces, like bed frames, tables, stools etc. All you have to do is look in the eshop. I have you some more pictures to admire if you are not yet convinced..!


basket yellow baskets white love chair room