Home office of the week

workspace vogue livingHello again! I lost my Monday-date with the blog but I’m here today for it. The truth is with all the latest political developments in Greece I don’t have clear thinking to do anything. Not to mention working!! I have a real hard time to focus and some drawings waiting to be done!

However, I’m still trying and that’s why I thought to be inspired by a workspace like every week. This home office has everything I need for this: Rough wooden desk, very simple, design armchairs because we may be simple but our aesthetic can be hidden! Sky blue color on the wall to keep us calm and delightful like the summer sky and some irrelevant statues on the desk and some art posters to keep art and construction on the table! I shouldn’t forget to mention the fantastic sleek and chic grey floor that fits perfectly with the classic carved wooden panels around! Let’s work now…(?)

Photo source: Vogue Living


Office of the week

rafa kids deskWhen did Monday arrive again?! Bring weekend back! Or bring the next weekend now… I imagine, I could compromise with this desk though. I could do some work in such an environment if you insist… This K desk, designed by Rafa-kids is just an eye treat, so chic and delicate, simple enough and very practical! See here for more details, there are no screws or connectors outside, its finish is very smooth and it can be closed or open depending on how you want to use it. I like its multifanctionality. Also, in total white in an environment like that – parisian appartment for example is just perfect! Did you notice the book titles on the surface? Design and Architecture, of course! So, have a smooth Monday and a happy working week! Good morning!

Office of the week

desk from aboveGood morning and happy week! Lately I have no time on mondays so the desk of the week is been posted on Tuesday. It won’t last long I hope, Mondays will be supported by my blue flamingo again!
So, how things are going on for you this week? Mine is going to be quite hard! “working like a dog” like the song! In about 10 days we have our deadline for our project. So you can imagine the situation… That’s why I chose this office photo today, so full of creativity on the desk! The whole team working together, a large desk for everyone, designing and working. I also love this shot that is taken from above, depicting exactly the beauty of this work!
PS. I always start my day with optimism as you can see, it doesn’t continue like that!

photo source: quill&fox

Office of the week

office castiglioniGood morning everyone!! Happy Monday and a week! I don’t know about you but today in Athens we have the dullest weather, spring is nowhere around!!! I don’t like it at all…no more rain please.
Also, this week will be very demanding for me, a lot of work to be done! That’s why I get inspired by this architect’s office above. Full of folders, all in the same natural color, drawing tools and tables, tidy and ready for creativeness! It used to belong to italian architect&designer Achille Castiglioni and now it’s a museum in Milan, if you want to visit it!

Via 50 danska kvadrat

Office of the week

office b&wHello! Monday again and here in Athens the weather gives us a hard time to start the week… Quite dull and cold and I think it’s one reason for picking this office. I like the clear environment of this black&white workspace with a wild feeling. It makes me think “it’s time for real work now!”. Also I love the b&w photography above the desk, it’s a tidy, clear and edgy environment that has something artistic and warm! Simplicity to clear your mind. Have a nice week!

Source said that is HarperandHarley (I didn’t find it though)

Office of the week

home office2Happy Monday and a week as also! What if you had a work place like this?
Today in Athens we have a moody weather, grey and cold and this rug with the sheep skin on the chair make me smiling and feeling quite warm. I would love to work in this desk, having this morrocan rug beneath my feet. Although I wouldn’t have such a tidy desk!

Photo source unknown.

Office of the week

BandG-Reception-2012_m Good morning and happy February! Let’s hope it’ll roll smoothly! As a new month starts and a week at the same time I decided to start some posts every Monday. To sweetened the difficult day a bit! This time it won’t be on monday but that’s going to be the spirit. And the subject of them will be home offices. Cozy, cute, creative and joyful working spaces! As if we worked from home..every Monday I wish I worked in my place!

This office is as funny as it gets! It just gets you a happy face just looking it. Permanent balloons from one side and jenga legs from the other! I wonder if we worked in a desk of balloons our work would be the same? Our desk would be super awesome that would be sure!
It’s in Dublin at the agency Boys and Girls. See more here.

Desk behind couch

desk behind couch_modern classicToday I’m thinking about living rooms and how would be a desk behind the couch. I’m working on a project and seriously the best place to put the desk is there. At first, I had doubts, maybe the desk will be covered, maybe it will be ennoying to the people that are sitting in front etc…
On the contrary!…after some research I am sure now that it can even be a design element very very interesting!

What do you think?

desk behind couch_classic desk behind couch_wood desk behind couch_simple desk behind couch_industrial desk behind couch_cozy desk behind couch_compination desk behind couch_black