creative weekendHello again this weekend! Are you enjoying summer somewhere idyllic or like me continuing the daily routine? Today I will go again for work in the offices I was going every saturday this winter. Like the murderer that returns in the crime scene… I don’t love it but it will be in much cooler rythms so it won’t be very tiring. I work a lot lately, that’s for sure! However I’m in a “creativity trance” situation all this period which I love!! That’s the reason I’m inspired from creativity in a fun way this weekend like the photo above and wish you the same! Let your secret picasso get out and do something like that! If you have kids it will be even funnier I think. Make a piece of art all toghether and have a great weekend! xoxo

For the music lovers I have the best DIY project!!! Paint a ukalele like a pineapple and sing summer songs wearing flower necklaces!!! Totally in the summer mood, right? Even it’s an easy project see here a tutorial.

ukalele pineapple

Office of the week

051ba57507289da60eba4d30940d5bb8Good morning and happy Monday! (if that’s ever possible…!) This is gonna be my last hard working week, I really can’t wait. That’s why today I’m inspired by this amazing desk of architect Albert Frey. Beautifully combining the natural environment of Palm Springs with the building, bringing the rock inside the house where starts the large desk full of drawings. It’s like the ideas are rough like the rock and pass through their birth to their finishing process on that desk. Let’s have a wonderful week, full of creativity! See more about this home office here

Office of the week

desk from aboveGood morning and happy week! Lately I have no time on mondays so the desk of the week is been posted on Tuesday. It won’t last long I hope, Mondays will be supported by my blue flamingo again!
So, how things are going on for you this week? Mine is going to be quite hard! “working like a dog” like the song! In about 10 days we have our deadline for our project. So you can imagine the situation… That’s why I chose this office photo today, so full of creativity on the desk! The whole team working together, a large desk for everyone, designing and working. I also love this shot that is taken from above, depicting exactly the beauty of this work!
PS. I always start my day with optimism as you can see, it doesn’t continue like that!

photo source: quill&fox