Hello there!! Weekend again and the living is easy…and my mood is exactly like the photo above! I wanna snuggle inside pink fluffy pillows and stay the whole weekend! Sleep, rest and feel that warmth of being home. And for an ideal situation I’d like Lara (my cat) purring next to me!
I don’t think I’ll do that anyway because I have stuff to do but it’s the first weekend after quite a time that I don’t have to go to the office and work, so I’m cool! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you’ll have a great time in any case! xoxo



Cozy-Winter-Weekend mfbThis is where I would like to spend this weekend! During cold days such a relaxing spot with warm knits and fluffy throws is a paradise! I wish all of you a cozy weekend with the warmiest company!
If you want to spend some fun time with kids, here I have a link for a DIY project “Weaving with kids”. Have fun!

Autumn essentials printable

autumn-essentials-printable-free-downloadWhat I like the most in autumn is the warm and sweet feeling you begin to have and the mood for cozy nights at home! Soft blankets, brown leather accessories, delicious pies and hot drinks to keep you warm during the firsts chills!

This is a beautiful art print that in my opinion depicts all of these! Emily’s blog is one of my favorites for her small art projects, mostly stationery. I like her works because through watercolors she makes beautiful pieces with a nostalgic feeling that I can see myself in them. Here I have a print for autumn essentials that you can download and hang it in a wall and smile when you look at it! If you click on the image it’s in larger size but you can go to emily’s page and download it for free.

autumn essentials finished

Autumn cozyness!

autumnI don’t know if that word exists but in my mind it’s perfect! Autumn makes me feel like these pictures above. Brown, mustard, beige colours, soft blankets and lazy mood! Also, for me it’s the beginning of hot coffee again, going with my morning ritual, coffee and pinterest 🙂