Flamingo products by the pool!

Flamingos are still here this summer to make our lives more tropical! Especially in Greece they are a fashion trend more than ever, I could say. And what would be more summery and cool theme for a shopping list than “flamingos for a day at the pool”! Things to wear, decorative items for your space, inflatable toys of course to relax in the water, flamingo ice-cubes, chopsticks and plates to serve some fresh fruits! Let’s flamingle!flamingo products by the pool_mbfCandles | 1.Grey flamingo candle (4.99€) 2.Set flamingo candles (16.29€) 3.Pink flamingo candle (1,05£) | Outfit | 4.Kate Spade metallic leather sandal (239.61€) 5.Asos Motel swimsuit (47.94€) 6.Asos Fringed dress (20.55€) 7.Kids flamingo flip-flops (18.16€) | Inflatables | 8.Inflatable flamingo coasters (8.84$) 9.Flamingo pool float (55$) 10.FunBoy inflatable pool float (89$) 11.Hand woven coconut fiber doormat (29.99$) 12.Inflatable flamingo pool toy (71.88€) | Plates | 13.Flamingo chopsticks (7.99$) 14.Fancy flamingo plate set (51.25€) 15.Yvonne Ellen plate set (35£) 16.The pink flamingo plate (26.95$) 17.Lou Rota small plate (28.99$) 18.Ice cube trays (20.13€)

For more flamingo products see the shopping list from last year “Flamingos Everywhere”

Mid century shopping list

Do you remember the mid-century crisis I have recently? It’s in this post and this post for those who need a reminder. So, I made 2 moodboards-shopping lists for you! One for the austere, elegant style and one for the happy, colored one. Chose your favorite and adapt it to your home!

austere list

1. Drommen bed from CB2 (850,05€) | 2. 3pieces vase set from CB2 (16,98€) | 3. Tork brass dripping mirror from CB2 (194,86€) | 4. Austin floor lamp from MADE (79£) | 5. Max brass sculpture from CB2 (42,50€) | 6. Zemi stool from CB2 (101,26€) | 7. Elixir mini bar from CB2 (254,42€) | 8. Cut glass bulb from CB2 (6,76€) | 9. Adelle rug black from FAB (599$) | 10. Fringe with benefits throw from CB2 (101,26€)

midcentury color1. Art print from society6 (17,00$) | 2. Judy throw (99,00$) | 3. Cohen table lamp from MADE (55£) | 4. Esme desk from MADE (279£) | 5. Fetch lamp from FAB (49,50$) | 6. Jonah sofa from MADE (499£) | 7. Fonteyn bedside table from MADE (199£) | 8. Seafoam vase from CB2 (14,42€) | 9. Dakota rug from MADE (249£)

Flamingos everywhere!

Flamingos are here to stay, this summer they are a fashion trend! The truth is that it’s a very summery and fun animal pattern, pink is bliss! That’s why my blue flamingo will show you today some flamingo products that can put some nice carelessness in your life! After Flamingo Towel Clips that I posted on my Facebook page I thought that you’d like something more!
flamingo products2


1. Small blank notebook (4.52€), 2. Shower curtain (75.39€), 3. Tiny lawn flamingo for garden (9.05€), 4. Print headband (9.01€), 5. iPhone case (12.92€), 6. String lights (19.99$), 7. Cookie cutter (1.70€), 8. Napkins-set of 2 (20.36€), 9. Plastic lawn flamingos-set of 2 (16.24$), 10. 6 Mini flamingo soaps (3.77€)

Unique cases!

I’m thinking about refreshing my iPhone style by buying an eye-catching case. I found these amazing etsy shops that put me in huge indecision! I like all of them! As I am a fan of geometry and pal colors I chose some of them and present them to you. Also I definitely want it to be summery, to put me in that mood, what a dilemma…  iphone cases - Αντιγραφήiphone cases - Αντιγραφή (2)iphone cases - Αντιγραφή (3)c

You can find them all and a lot lot  more here and here!!

Mother’s Day Gift List

Next sunday is Mother’s Day, so I collected some ideas for gifts, if you want to prepare yourselves..!

mother's day

Links: 1. Lavender in pot (58.00$)  2. Happy Mother’s Day Card (4.99$)  3. Going to market Tote (38.00$)  4. City Dreaming Clutch (48.99$)  5. Yellow Bangle (48.00$)  6. Mommy necklace with benefit (707.55€)  7. Good Mum Mug (9.17€)  8. Make her a smoothie!  9. Necklace infinity (20.73€)  10. Soaps and body cremes  11. Mom, style icon book (19.99$)  12. Box sign  13. How-to make:beautiful bouquet

Looking for cushions

I am trying to change the colours on my living room so I am looking on e-shops for cushions and throws. I am thinking to stay on blue tones so I have material mostly for this colour. However, I got lost on these amazing sites, where you can loiter for hours, so I collected also some cushions of different styles. We all can see that I like geometric patterns! Or a quote, or a vintage touch, or something completely different as…What if I make a pet company on my sofa? So many ideas and so small sofa!!

Αυτό τον καιρό προσπαθώ να αλλάξω τα χρώματα στο καθιστικό μου, οπότε ψάχνω στο ιντερνετ για μαξιλάρια και ριχτάρια. Σκέφτομαι να κινηθώ σε μπλε τόνους μόνο οπότε έχω μαζέψει υλικό κυρίως για αυτό το χρώμα. Βέβαια, χάθηκα σε αυτά τα τέλεια sites, όπου μπορείς να χαζεύεις για ώρες, οπότε μάζεψα και κάποια μαξιλάρια διαφορετικού στυλ. Όπως όλοι βλέπουμε με τραβάνε τα γεωμετρικά μοτίβα! Ή μήπως μια φράση ή μια vintage πινελιά ή κάτι πιο τσαχπίνικο όπως…μήπως να φτιάξω μια παρέα κατοικίδιων στον καναπέ μου?? Τόσες ιδέες και τόσο μικρός καναπές!


Links for cushions above:
1-12 Society6 , 13,15 SVPPLY, 14 Etsy,  16 Etsy and Modcloth