Room 18 | My team’s proposal

Room18 3D1_mbf

I may present you my team’s submission for the international architectural competition Room18 that took place last month! We spent so much work and thinking in it, a lot of stress in the end to meet with the deadline but we enjoyed it a lot and I’m really proud of the result, so I share it with you!

The competition was aiming at rethink the usual living in a city hotel’s room, reinvent the conditions and make a pioneer proposal for the contemporary traveler. The place of the hotel was supposed to be somewhere in Greece, in a city.

So, we spent hours and hours of thinking and reading about what a traveler seeks nowadays, what we would like in our visits at hotels and what could be unconventional enough but not very crazy and risk our submission (this was a mistake apparently if u look at the winners!) Our pursuit was the stay to be integral part of the whole traveling experience. And we wanted the user to be able to personalize his stay in many levels, the space itself and the facilities through advanced technology. To be able to interfere with the staying conditions according to his personality and needs.

Room18 3D2_mbf

Eventually, the concept was born slowly and I must say that only when we finished it we knew what it was! Our main idea was the room to be like an outdoor space, like a square or a house’s yard. With the natural light, sitting points on the ground or mantels, a touch of greenery, the open bathroom like you’re at your country house’s backyard and all these in an irregular layout.
However, we wanted to offer a luxury experience in this outdoor feeling so we used sophisticated materials and design. We used some traditional city house’s materials such as the wooden floor, the wooden panels to filter the light in fish bone motif, terrazzo in reference of the mosaic floors of Greek houses in the past, the skylight element in the bathroom with the climbing ivy, glass instead of wall partitions for transparency and clean feeling at the bathroom area and bronze for a shinny touch!

Key design element was the diagonal that runs the room, separates and organizes it and creates spaces, acute/obtuse corners and nooks. The diagonal alignments are very common in Greek traditional architecture, mostly in yards, terraces and open spaces.
Also, it contains all the facilities (wardrobe, suitcase place, seating bench, bedside tables, hugging the bed, desk) and has different levels. It’s like this diagonal takes the half of the room and swivels it so that the living area separates from the entrance and washing area while they still are in the same space. This light separation is highlighted by the different materials and the lower level of the living area and the obtuse angle where the bed prevails is like a hug that makes this space looks larger.

This diagonal intention is already seen at the corridor at every door, creating a small hall/corner in the same materials to slowly introduce you to the room’s idea.

Room18 entrance_mbf

Corner hall out of the room’s door – Corridor’s view


Room’s layout

Some other details are: The façade’s perforated wooden panels, in fish bone motif, that let the natural light enter the room but through a filter. So that you can have all the view while being protected. In combination with the mantel seating nook besides you can have all the outdoors’s feeling in an interior safety and privacy. It’s what we call the “inside out” but in the opposite direction!

The wardrobe with the built-in mini bar make a sophisticated structure like posh large stones, in a monumental mood but with a light and airy touch of the suspended hanger. There you hang your clothes in the open so that you have your “back home” touch etc. Every user’s clothes will change the image of the room every time.

Technology. We used technology only in our minds because nothing can be seen in the room’s desing but it was a big issue for us, even in idea level. We’ve though that a vertical panel that integrates the TV will lead the user’s stay. This interactive glass touch screen will display various applications related to the room facilities, the communication with the hotel and the city guide-visit organizer.

Regarding the room facilities you will be able -except of interfering with the heat/air conditioning- load lighting programs, music programs, depending on the mood. Also, you can make appointments with the cleaning services of the hotel, set alarms and other facilities of room service, order a meal or whatever!

Regarding the city guide/trip organizer you will be able to organize your visit, sightseeing, shopping, hot spots of the town, the best bars/restaurants etc. through a set up guide by the hotel or another company like timeout or others or even by other users that saved some proposals by their visit. It would be great if you could choose what you’d like to do/visit and an app will create tours for you and proposes themed walks. Of course, you should be able to connect with your smartphone so that you can have the guide with you all day. It will be like an info portal expanded in wall dimensions that could make your trip super easy and fun!

I’m very interested in your opinions and very thrilled for comments! Feel free to share what you think!


Sections 1 and 2


Sections 3 and 4


Our submission board, in Greek




All you need is fun in Sofia

All u need 05This eye catcher bar-restaurant is the reason I spent last August on the laptop in my summer vacations! I am so happy of this project for so many reasons! At first, it’s gorgeous!! Secondly, it was proposed to me by the architecture office I was working in a period that I was mad with mid-century style, so that I couldn’t believe my luck! See this post to understant. And last reason is that it was my first attempt of choosing fabrics and materials for such a space and I was very affraid of what I’ve chosen. I remember I spent more than 6 hours on the furniture company where my mind had been so confused and I didn’t know if I made something beautiful or a complete disaster! As you can see, the colors and items are so many that they can give you a headache controling them!All u need 01All u need 03So, one summer day the architect Roi Giannopoulou (site under construction for the moment) asked me if I wanted to work on a project with style of 60’s. “Hell yeah!!” I said! And then the brainstorming began, the result of it is what you see. All you need is fun is located in the new huge mall in Sofia, Bulgaria, the Sofia Ring Mall. It’s the restaurant of a big interior playground, so it’s addressing to families and kids. The customer wanted it to be in 60’s style, the fun version of it, colorful and bright. And so we did. All u need 04All u need 02The characteristics that we’ve chosen of 60’s style were the following: circles, hexagons, the decorative panels with classic mid-century patterns, yellow and orange colors and the many different style of sitting corners. And of course the furniture! I totaly love the furniture we used. It was such a treat searching and choosing these furniture! The dominant feauture is of course the big yellow circles that remind us wheels, where a whole family can sit more privately and enjoy their lunch or a milkshake but for sure enjoy the whole space.All u need 05All u need 07The other characteristic we gave was the underwater environment. That came of the large print on the background wall which was in the spirit of “yellow submarine” of Beatles. Also, the playground space near the restaurant has free schemes of multi colored ceilings, so we wanted a connection with it. Only we made all of them in blue shades like we are in the seabed and the lightings, yellow wheels and hanging circles are like bubbles.All u need 08All u need 09All u need 10All u need 11All u need 12All u need 14All u need 13All u need 15All u need 16All u need 17