patio with tent

Summer shady patio via desire to inspire

Good morning this sunny saturday! At last the clouds in Athens left and let us feel the summer again. I don’t know what I’m gonna do today but it’s the first Saturday in months that I don’t have work plans, hooray! I was the first Saturday also that I didn’t put the alarm on, amazing right? A bit of tidying, a bit of laundry, of redecorating the house, of strolls with friends these are my plans for the weekend. Also these are the longest days of the year and I’m always very happy every time for it!
This patio above would be the perfect spot of relax with friends, drinking cold lemonade and eating cherries! Or DIYing with friends while catching up the latest news. DIY project that my blue flamingo proposes today, continuing the pinapple theme: Make your own pineapple night light! Perfect for the outdoor table these summer nights 🙂

pineapple night light

Wooden headboards

1. slab headboardRecently, I had to search for wooden headboards for a bedroom in the country. I collected so much of this that I decided to make a post about it! There are so many options to make your room from country to super minimal that the only thing it connects them is the wood as a material.

In the first picture there is one of my favorites, the wood slab, unrefined and natural. It’s a statement headboard for sure! You can see more about this here, where you can have a more complete perspective about the wood slab headboard. In this picture it makes the room cozy and warm with a rustic touch, but it can be used in a more modern bedroom as well.
Some other examples of country atmosphere are the following. Very eye-catching don’t you think? I love the old shutters as an idea in combination with the luxury chandelier. Shabby chic style in 2 simple moves! The next, is an ethnic masterpiece! A carved panel above the bed totally fills the room! With earthy tones and small traditional details as furniture you can complete the look perfectly.

3. ethnic headboard

Ethnic style with carved wooden panel. Source unknown but you can see something similar in white here

The following is a DIY project that gives the personal element in bedroom. I think that the wood pallettes are too worn-out but this is something easy, simple and very sweet for sure. The next with colored, geometrical schemes is something else, it could lighten a total white bedroom with sauciness in a cottage!

Colored geometry on these wooden headboards from Urban outfitters. See more also here.

Colored geometry on these wooden headboards from Urban outfitters. See more also here.

And then, we have the textured wood headboards in simple geometry schemes as well. Funny and classy at the same time. I love them!

Wooden simplicity with texture. Via simplistiic - source Linxspiration

Wooden simplicity with texture. Via simplistiic – source Linxspiration

Wooden geometry with tropical atmosphere. via domainhome. Source Romain Ricard

Wooden geometry with tropical atmosphere. via domainhome. Source Romain Ricard

In the meantime the weather today in Athens is completely different, the sky is almost black and we’re waiting a real storm in a few minutes, all I want is hide on these bedrooms and cover up with the blankets for the whole day!!


woods relaxingGood morning, weekend is here! What are your plans for these days? I don’t know for myself yet, I’m going to work for sure but some relaxing is in my thoughts too… The weather these days is really crazy, one moment is hot, shinny etc and 5 minutes later the sky is fully cloudy and you need to put a coat on! And after 5 minutes again the sun is shinning..but 5 minutes after that it may rain! Totally crazy… In my unluckiness I could say I’m lucky I have work to do and I’m not in vacations. (Lie…!) The only truth is I’m daydreaming of being in the situation of the picture above! Relaxing in a hammock somewhere very far from civilization! Happy weekend my friends, with all the luck and misfortune of it!

And the DIY project of the weekend is very simple because I’m in the mood for easy stuff today. Decorate your garden, balcony or whatever you have with these cute and discreet faceted clay tealight holders! See the tutorial here.tealight holder diy


fun patioHello! How lovely weekends are as summer is getting closer and closer..! Such a paradise, relaxing in a cute patio like this above, eating icecream, reading a book or have fun with close friends! I would kill for these chairs too. Today I’m also very thrilled because this afternoon I’m gonna see my little niece that haven’t seen for ages! She’s the cutest little girl in the whole world!! And in the evening I’m going to a nice restaurant for an anniversary dinner. 🙂 Oh, I love weekends!

For you that are in a crafty mood I found the most chic and easy DIY project for fridge magnets! See HERE the procedure.

diy fridge magnetsPhoto source of the beautiful patio above and more pictures HERE.


Homes - Bristol HouseHello, hello!! The classic weekend posts are back, hooray!! After all this time, it’s the first Saturday I wake up without having to go to work and it’s so great! Drinking my coffee in a relaxing mode, watching inspiring pictures on pinterest and listening to good music. That’s my favorite ritual of putting my brain in function. Today I’m about to go for a walk in a design exhibition here in Athens, to be updated about new materials and products! What are your plans for this weekend?

If you are in a DIY mood I have here the best DIY project for your home! Fruit welcome mat! Let’s fill neighbourhoods with summer fruits!watermelon-and-lemon-welcome-matsSource of “love weekend” photo here.


yasemiGood morning and happy weekend!!! I’m very cheerful today because it’s the first weekend I woke up while the sun was shinning! At last the weather here started to be milder. Next week also we have our easter so, the mood everywhere is in holiday style. But the most important is that yesterday I went for an afternoon&night stroll, I ate a yummy pizza with one of my best friends and I had a nice time after a loooong time!!! I work so hard the last months that I had forgoten how people are! In my yesterday’s stroll I smelled the sour orange tree’s blossom that always reminds me the jasmin smell and always makes me happy. That’s why I chose this photo for this weekend, some greek spring spirit to cheer us up 🙂

Have a nice weekend, I’m leaving for work again!

Today’s DIY project is something about easter that’s close. Design your easter eggs with symbols by moss!!! See here how…



girl windowHello everyone! Good morning, the weekend has started! I don’t know how is the weather there, in Athens is the worst!! Last days it rains all the time, we have dust from Africa in the air, nothing reminds anything about spring. The sun is nowhere of course. At the same time I have a lot of work and worries that such a weather makes me feel blue. Pfff…it shall pass right? Right! So, despite spring mood in general, today I feel like staying at home like the photo above, read in b&w environment! Some internalisation to gather myself. I hope you have a great weekend though, have fun, rest and lighter mood!

I have a DIY project for this weekend to help spring gets into our houses! Airplant Magnets for happy notes. See how to here.

airplant magnets



breakfast in bedLast days in Athens there is a great sun early in the morning and after some hours everything is grey and wet! At the moment I’m in the first situation and that picture spoke to me so! I hope the sun will last today… what are your plans for the weekend? I’m gonna work again, especially after the last weekend-mini holiday I have a lot to do. pfff…things have to be done in anyway…

However, I have for you the best DIY project for this weekend and all the next ones!! Make your own, personalized “Guess Who” board game! I used to love that game when I was younger, imagine to have your friends&familly as people to guess! See the how to here.



sunny readingThe truth is today I’m going to be working all day long but this is what I will be dreaming of doing! I hope you all will be more in a situation like the photo! However I’m not complaining, what I do these days is very interesting so it keeps me focused! So, have a sunny, relaxed weekend and get some sun for me also!

DIY project of weekend: Decorative clay bells! Aren’t they cute? See the how to here.clay bells