Who’s sleeping at work?

Hypnos_the-architecture-of-sleep_sleeperie_Clerkenwell_dezeen_468_5I got you! Are you one of us that feel sleepy at work and wish there were a warm nook to go for some minutes? Now, there is hope as in some offices there is a place for naps designed and made for the employees! The truth is that a lot of researches show that napping at work improves the productiveness (daaahh!) and more and more companies embrace it. Even if you don’t want to take a nap (I don’t understand why on earth you wouldn’t but if…) you want to withdraw for some minutes and rest a bit.
For all these thoughts, and because I’m in a situation where I work a lot, I collected some examples of napping spots at workplaces or furniture especially designed for the possibility of taking a nap as also. Just to dream a little because in my country at least we are miles away from it!


Eventbrite – San Francisco Headquarters. A very simple nook with just a hammock and calming blue colors, dedicated to resting. I don’t know about the dog!


Here, steps ahead, a whole building is made for naps! London’s first sleeperie feels us and encourages daytime naps and I couldn’t agree more! Read more here

However, in my opinion there is a catch with all of these facilities that make the working environment so friendly and cozy like you’re at home. Because you’re not at home but you’re working so many hours per day that your work becomes your home. So, “let’s make our offices more comfortable to be able spending more hours there”. It’s a sneaky, dirty catch, I’d say!


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