Office of the week

home office with a viewHello everyone!! How was your weekend and your easter holidays? Mine was awsome!! But by awsome I mean I did almost nothing! I spent these 4 days home alone, watching my favorite tv series, eating on the sofa, whenever I liked, sleeping a lot, no alarms and not talking to anyone all day! (Hum..ok I was talking on the phone with family just not to worry them) And ok, I also worked a little, all of these I wanted to do and didn’t have the time; I found the time at last, so it was kind of soothing finishing them… The last months, as I’ve told you, I was working like crazy! And this is what I’m going to do again from today on. So, these 4days were a paradise for me! It was exactly what I needed for recharging my batteries and find again myself! As an introvert very drained and overwhelmed from the last hectic months I really enjoyed that easter holiday! What about you? I am ready now for continuing what I paused and what could it be better than a super calm home office with such a view? Let’s have a great week and push “play” again in spring mood! Photo source: Vacation House in Swiss Alps


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