Adored designer: Michael Anastassiades

michael anastassiades int 1_mbf

Apartment in East Melbourne by Flack Studio. Very famous photo for this lighting!

It’s true that the last period I’m very interested in lightings. With no particular reason..from the moment I created a board on Pinterest with lightings only I found myself collecting more and more pictures of them.From that moment, I started to pay extra notice on their design and I realized that a lot of my favorites were designed by Michael Anastassiades! And what a coincidence to be a Greek also!
All of his works are magnificent (oh the mirrors too) but his lightings are my favorites!! What I love the most on them is their eclectism, sophistication, how minimal and essential they are! Pieces of art, not just lightings. This style is my new favorite, it resembles a little with midcentury, don’t you think?

profilmichael anastassiades 01_mbfmichael anastassiades 02_mbfmichael anastassiades 03_mbfmichael anastassiades 04_mbfSome bio information, from his site: Michael Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of product, furniture and environmental design[…]He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and almost mundane, yet full of vitality one might not expect. Anastassiades’ work is featured in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London[…]He has designed products with various leading manufacturers including FLOS, Lobmeyr and Svenskt Tenn. In 2007 he set up the company Michael Anastassiades Ltd to produce his signature pieces; a collection of lighting, furniture, jewellery, and tabletop objects.
He trained as a civil engineer at London’s Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine before taking a masters degree in industrial design at the Royal College of Art. He lives and works in London.

michael anastassiades 05_mbfmichael anastassiades 06_mbf michael anastassiades 07_mbf michael anastassiades 08_mbf michael anastassiades 09_mbf michael anastassiades 10_mbfAnd after all these photos (sorry for the number of them, I just couldn’t choose less!!) some environments to see how these magnificent lightings interact with interior space. I hope you’ll enjoy them as also, tell me what do you think!

michael anastassiades int 2_mbf michael anastassiades int 6_mbf michael anastassiades int 5_mbf michael anastassiades int 4_mbf michael anastassiades int 3_mbfSee more of him also here and here.


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