Fading learning center in Valencia


As it’s the first monday of the year and we all get in the everyday life, work/school etc, I present you the best probably place to learn!

Is this the coolest learning center or what? I was never the type of group learning but in a space like this I think I could work! The fading paintwork is here again, combined with the classical structure of the building (plaster decorations are well preserved and highlighted this way) giving us a very fresh and funny perspective of the classic, austere environment!

The 2day Languages Spanish school is located In Valencia, Spain and was designed by Masquespacio. The 3 colors of the brand palette are used here to make the wall effect and distinguish the classrooms. It’s also a representation of the three levels A, B and C. “Hello, what is your level?” “Hi, I’m yellow!”

2day_languages_school_interior_mbf2 2day_languages_school_interior_mbf3 2day_languages_school_interior_mbf4

The whole space of 183 m2 contains three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge with the reception. In the common area we see that the brand colors are developed in a more busy way, combined with other elements. This contradiction I think is well representing the area of learning where concentration is needed to absorb the knowledge and on the other hand the public area where all these people interact.

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio comments: ‘As in the classrooms the students and their teachers are the protagonists, we wanted to limit our intervention to a minimum, without forgetting the freshness and good feeling that needed to breathe each space, as well as the importance to equalize the mix between modern decoration and the beauty of the neoclassical architecture of the building. We opted for warm materials like pine to generate pleasurable sensations with functional features to make easier the school operations. 2 tables instead of 1 in each classroom were chosen to be separated and stacked during activities. Also the chairs were chosen to offer maximum comfort to the students and with stack options for better circulation during activities.’

I say…lucky students!

2day_languages_school_interior_mbf5 2day_languages_school_interior_mbf6 2day_languages_school_interior_mbf7 2day_languages_school_interior_mbf8Photos: David Rodríguez

See another example of gradient paintwork in a tradition environment here.


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