Mandarin Hotel, Barcelona

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_BlancWhat have I told you? Patricia Urquiola is a goddess of design! The moment I was writing this post I saw this hotel. “Hmm..that’s interesting” I thought, then I saw more “hmmmm…that’s very beautiful…” and then I read that Patricia Urquiola designed it! Bang!!Of course…
So, this is the interior design of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona that Urquiola designed it with the collaboration of architects Carlos Ferrater and Juan Trias de Bes. Featuring custom designs and Urquiola’s Axor collection throughout, the hotel was named the best hotel project of 2010 by Interior Design magazine. I know it’s an old project but I saw it just now and it’s never too late, right?
Located on Barcelona’s prestigious Passeig de Gracia, the exquisite hotel fits right in with the rich history of architecture and avant-garde design of the city. The project reflects the open, cosmopolitan character of the great Mediterranean city and the linear simplicity of the building, that used to be the headquarters of a bank, is used successfully by the clean, elegant and balanced interior design of Urquiola.

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_atrium3 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_UrquiolaMandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_terrace1 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_penthouse terraceThe layout and furniture design, the ceiling decorations and the beautiful hand-woven carpets, reminiscent of the charm and distinction of great classical hotels, have all been carefully chosen by Urquiola. From the Scandinavian style armchairs, the lobby sofa which has been adapted from a traditional Chesterfield, the tartan carpet reminiscent of the Gentleman’s Clubs which adorns the Banker’s Bar floor, to the fully restored early 20th century French ironing table which serves as a centerpiece to Blanc restaurant and lounge.

Upon arrival you walk through a black ramp that introduces you to the impressive world of the hotel through this atrium with punched frameless glazed openings. This ramp guides you to the welcome area. The lobby area is designed as a living space with the reception cleverly hidden behind a marvelous patterned see through panel.

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_atrium Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_atrium2Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_lobbyMy favorite area of the hotel, and the reason for making this post is the “Blanc” restaurant. Located on the lower floor is the heart of the building. It’s a space that almost makes you happy with all this natural light that is distributed through a metallic, sculptural weaved frame, in white color suspended over the restaurant tables. Above this structure there is a “hanging garden” effect that completes the relaxing atmosphere. It’s like you are in a heaven’s restaurant..Definitely it leaves you breathless! (first photo also)

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_Blanc2Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room9 The hotel has 98 rooms that also have an elegance and hospitality as everywhere. You can see the Mediterranean atmosphere stylishly mixing with some Asian elements. Through a warm pallet of cream and white with avant-garde furniture and details all the rooms have a relaxing and sophisticated environment.

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room10 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room8 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room6 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room3 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room2 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_room1 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_suiteOne other impressive area is the Mimosa Garden. It’s like a hidden treasure, an inner courtyard of 660 square meters that was made by landscape architect Beth Figueras and Patricia Urquiola. This garden terrace is covered by colorful mimosas and custom designed rope furniture that create a delightful atmosphere! Also the rooftop terrace is beautiful and the view from there is spectacular!

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_mimosa Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_mimosa2 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_terrace3Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_terrace2Last but not least the Spa. Dark wood details, metallic curtains, black ceiling and sacramental lightened green walls, wet stones that give a natural look create a minimalist aesthetic that relaxes everyone. I relax only by seeing it, imagine be treated there..!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!

Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_spa2 Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_spa3Mandarin_Oriental_Barcelona_spa1


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