Berlin Appartment

Berlin appartment 1_mbfThe other day I tried to post this appartment and something went wrong with the exploler and translated all the post in bad greek! It ruined the whole text and I had to rewrite it. I’m sorry for the delay of restoring it but I was super busy. This is what I was trying to write:
This apartment
excited me at the first sight! Especially the first picture is a perfect design synthesis! Maybe the whole style is more masculin but this does not bother me..I can imagine it with a handsome guy walking around and this is even better!
I don’t know what to mention first. The colors? It’s a pleasant twist from the total white style that seduced me last months, don’t you think? I like dark colors in general and I think that with careful use they can create a really dramatic feeling.
Natural materials and warm textures such as leather, wood, linen and metal are combined wisely and create an earthy yet luxurious atmosphere that makes you want to stay at home. For me that’s very easy, in any case, but in this house I could stay more!
Of course, I couldn’t forget to mention the furniture, statement pieces all of them!

Berlin appartment 7_mbf Berlin appartment 6_mbf Berlin appartment 5_mbf Berlin appartment 4_mbf Berlin appartment 3_mbf Berlin appartment 2_mbfYou can rent it here
Photos Suite 030


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