Stockholm restaurant meets the desert

01-FineFood-note design studio_mbf

After all these posts about summer it’s time to get back to some design stuff! I’ve seen this restaurant some days now and it has been stuck in my mind! You’ll see, it’s quite special. Finefood is a striking coffee shop and restaurant in Stockholm, designed by Note Design Studio.

What I like the most is its concept. Inspired by a beautiful photo series of Death Valley by American artist Jordan Sullivan, the swedish design studio has created an interior that leans heavily on their Scandinavian and minimalistic heritage. The soothing colours of the world’s hottest desert are so perfectly translated into space creating a clean, soft interior. The beautiful colour palette directly reflects the soft daylight colour changes and poetic landscape of the mountains that Sullivan has captured in his photos.


The used materials are succesfully chosen. Grey custom made herringbone floor that represents the greyscale of the area’s rocks and mountains. Deep green Guatemala marble in the counter and pastel greens and turquoise are combined with salmon red and peach. Just like the desert sky at sunrise! The palette is so unusual but so elegant and tasteful! All the materials and textures are exquisite. So is the design that reminds me a little of midcentury style that is my recent love.. Light ash wood, brass and natural leather, tables, sofas and shelves specifically designed for the project, create a unique atmosphere and aesthetic eating environment that can’t be unnoticed.

9 FineFood-note design studio_mbf

Nice photo for the materials that are used! Style everywhere

1 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 2 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 3 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 4 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 5 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 6 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 7 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 8 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 10 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 11 FineFood-note design studio_mbf 12 FineFood-note design studio_mbf

Photos by NOTE


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