Vouliagmeni Lake, Athens

lake 1

You know, here in Athens, we have a beautiful lake with thermal waters that most people don’t know about it! It’s Vouliagmeni lake, in the south suburbs of Athens. To tell you the truth I’ve never been there but I’ve heard about it’s natural beauty and charm.

lake 2 lake 3

The shape of the lake is oval, the bottom does not exceed 16 meters and its surface is half a meter above the sea level. The water is fed from both underground springs and the sea, and therefore is brackish. At the bottom of the lake, there is the entrance of a labyrinthine underwater cave  in limestone area. In this region there is the largest underground tunnel in the world with a length of 800 meters!
According to researchers, there was a huge underground cave within which abundant water was running at high temperatures, which eroded the walls, resulting in the decline of the roof of the cave and the submersion of the massif. During an exploratory dive into the underwater cave of Vouliagmeni a huge stalagmite was discovered. This geological monument is located at a depth of 105 meters, about 730 meters from the entrance of the cave. This discovery has completely changed the theory for the Mediterranean Sea being recently formed as stalactites are never created below the water surface. And I had no clue!
lake 4 lake 5Now, the lake is a private space where high quality services are offered to every guest with respect for the environment. Also, a lot of events are organized here such as concerts, parties etc. or you can come only for the restaurant by the lake. From what I’ve heard and seen by the photos the place must be marvelous!

lake 6 lake night2 lake night4

Photos are taken from the site or from some internet searching. Sources unknown.


3 thoughts on “Vouliagmeni Lake, Athens

  1. Hi 🙂 Love your article. Can you tell me how to get to this place from Athens ? (metro, bus, …)

    Thank you =)

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