Skantza restaurant, Athens


The other day I went to Skantza restaurant here in Athens (Kifisia) for my cousins birthday. Except the food and the amazing atmosphere in the outdoor space I was fascinated by the design of the restaurant! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures to show you the great design details that are hidden everywhere but  you’ll have an idea for sure. Skantza is a chic raki restaurant, where you find traditional delicacies with a modern twist. So is the design! Industrial style with a lot of metal details, simple and pure materials and a minimal space that keep an ingenuous atmosphere. I really loved the white circles on the ceiling that resemble with plates and the wooden wall with the hidden lightings! I don’t have words for the garden outside where you enjoy your dinner under the trees. Well, see for yourselves!

skantza2 skantza3 skantza4A modern, relaxed restaurant with an idea of deli: in Skantza you can find various greek products from small producers that you can buy for your home! skantza7 skantza6 skantza8 skantza9


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