Unique Rooftop Infinity Pool

This project is all over the internet, I keep seeing it in architectural sites, pinterest, newpapers etc…as you understand my blue flamingo couldn’t be the exception!! As this glorious house is in Tinos, a greek island in Cyclades, made by a greek architectural office my blue flamingo feels more connected to it. Also a hope grows inside me about opportunities of good architecture in Greece.Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-ArchitectsSo, the Mirage House with the infinity pool as a rooftop is a project of Kois Associated Architects. The pool was thought as a mirror reflecting the stars of night skies as also the sun in the daylight.I have no words to describe it, I absolutely love it! I’m sure you will too! Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-3 Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-1 It’s a single level house and the 210 square meters offer a spacious collection of rooms. An open air living room sits below the infinity pool and the rest of the house is burried under earth which is a characteristic building technique of traditional architecture in the greek islands. Facing south over the Aegean Sea, this home was imagined as part of its surroundings, so locally sourced materials and the characteristic dry wall construction methods were used to achieve this. Mirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_5 Mirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_4Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-5And some layouts if someone is interested. Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-11 Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-9 Mirage-House-by-Kois-Associated-Architects-7


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