Hotel in Rio


Now with the world cup Brazil is in our minds all the time. Except football though and all this fuzz, Brazil has a lot of things to show us, regarding the design field. This time, I’ll show you a very artistic and bohemian little hotel in Rio! It’s situated in a vibrant Rio’s hilltop among bars and restaurants. Maria Santa Teresa is a very friendly hotel with an easy-going attitude that you can see it even from the photos.

It is a renovated, old mid-century villa and has only six guest-rooms. Exlusive but relaxed. Every room as also the amazing pool terrace also offers a stunning view across Rio, through vintage 1930’s telescopes positioned on terraces, so you can zoom in wherever you want! Personally, I loved the pool terrace of course, the simple but stylish decoration and the tropical and alternative atmosphere that exists everywhere. Also, the hotel’s special design includes one-of-a-kind design pieces. Such as antique nautical optics, local art, colourful furniture and a world-class photography collection.Their website worth a look as well! Style everywhere.

Maria Santa Teresa105_0 Maria Santa Teresa098 IMG_9891 Gabi Nehring Fotos 1939977_254195648094212_894523529_n 1939917_254194931427617_366486162_n 1912545_248811285299315_1304231530_n 1912220_254194938094283_1206034629_n 1524412_240560129457764_1871817185_o 1234924_249844421862668_813931390_n 894496_264911077022669_8280066553511017109_o Maria Santa Teresa055


Photo courtesy of Santa Maria Teresa.


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