Leaf photography


You know, I have a passion for photography. I collect beautiful photos, with no reason, just because I like something in them. I realised today that, without doing it on purpose, I have some unrelated photos from different times, with the same theme! A leaf (of exotic plant or cactus most of the times) in a simple colored wall as a background. So, I gathered them today and present them to you as a unit. I think they have something special and are also very summery!

c9e90ebb44b10cedde1c44eaa06ef267 1c4b5f9e511b61998166cf265eb37fb7 0222f72e0ed9ca4f926176c05ae09b73 62fdd4ee27cc174794be868af17d4bdd9a48a6e80cca39c21103af17eb6e9222www.pinterest.com91a217b511808c7c8d537c2ee3ceaa1c

Unfortunately sources of photos are unknown.

5 thoughts on “Leaf photography

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  2. Hey Pinelopi.

    I am happy to be onboard your blogg. I have designed some coffee tables that I will be sending you some pictures of as soon as I have my prototypes ready.

    You have a very fine blogg I find, continiue the great work, I really appreciate your effort. Have a great day.

    Best regards
    Kristian Gelbjerg-Hansen

    • Hi Kristian, thank you so much for visiting and liking my blog!!! I’m very happy that you feel like showing me your work, I’m looking forward when you’re ready!
      Best regards

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