Sweet like sugar!


After Jakarta, next tropical stop is Mexico! It’s not my fault, I’m trying to work and these places just come up! And then, naturally, I imagine myself lying in a hammock like above, reading a book, going to the beach and enjoying summer vacations in general!
This time I have Azucar hotel! This amazing resort is in Tecolutla, on the central east coast of Veracruz – at the northern tip of Mexico’s glorious Emerald Coast. It is a combination of joyful and quintessentially Mexican juxtapositions of colour and texture, the romance of the coastline landscape combined with simple and unpretentious luxury.
According to hotelier Carlos Couturier: “I see my hotel as an ecological, organic project. It is a design hotel yet it is somehow anti-design. I wanted to recuperate a lifestyle gone by – that of my grandparents – and give guests the pleasures of simple things.”

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The hotel consists of 20 separate bungalows, each complete with private terrace with breath-taking view of the Gulf of Mexico. Traditional thatched palapa roofs, sugar white walls which reflect the bright sunlight are the main materials. The interiors are calm, intimate and have a quite zen atmosphere. Built-in nooks for candles and bedside reading, as well as locally-made hammocks create a comfortable cave for solitude and relaxation. Clearly inspired by mid-century Mexican modern, the bare white walls are contrasted by found drift-wood lintels and ornamentation, vibrant aquamarine, teal and dusty pink features, and timber doors and fenestration.

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Public spaces are mainly open-air and echo the pared-back style of the bungalows. An outdoor library, a chapel and mediation area, bar and restaurant share the language of strong white curved walls, built-in furniture and vernacular thatched roof made from local timber and foliage. A dedicated chapel and meditation space maintain calm inside a wall of river stones and a large tree canopy. And of course, a figure-eight shaped swimming pool lies at the heart of the resort!

biblioteca2_0 9_4 1_84I don’t know about you, but I would die to spent some days there!!!


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