Treasure in Jakarta


Three Buns restaurant is an new meat restaurant in Jakarta that caught my attention. It has something tropical and relaxing, like a shelter from the heat of the town, where you can eat amazing burgers as it’s said! Who wants more?? Like a giant greenhouse you have the impression to be in a cool, contemporary oasis where nature climbs over furniture and brings the outdoors in. What I like the most is the amphitheatrical position of seatings where you have full visibility of the kitchen at work and the whole restaurant. Also there is a self-service kiosk which makes the atmosphere more playful and relaxed.
Furniture with minimalist structure, japan style we could say, such as the bar and the seatings are combined with pal colours of nature and brightened by some playful, artistic details. One of them is the graffity behind the kitchen, created by some local, depicting a butcher with a bulldog-mascot of the restaurant!

Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-33 Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-4 Three-Buns-Restaurant-Jakarta-Foodie-2 SAMSUNG CSCYou can see another exotic restaurant here, in Mexico this time!



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