Romita Comedor

Romita Comidor is a restaurant in Mexico that could motivate me to visit the country! It is located in Mexico City, in the heart of Colonia Roma, at Avenida Álvaro Obregón 49.
The building dates back to early 1900s and its style was inspired by grand railway stations. It is also protected by the INBA (Instituta Nacional de Bellas Artes).
It has an ambience of modern tradition, the materials and the open, but protected space, create a very friendly environment that can attract also locals and visitors. Wood, tiles and surface treatments combined with many plants are used wisely. Also, the massive windows, glass ceiling a retractable awning all take full advantage of the station-style architecture, and let the light in.

Romita Comedor is known for authentic Mexican cuisine, great cocktails at the two bars, and live entertainment by well-known DJs. The building also houses a design shop and a hair salon. – Tuija Seipell

2 3 4  9  13 17610 18 20 21After all of these, isn’t a good opportunity to go to Mexico?? I would totally celebrate something there!


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