Let’s go on a roadtrip…

Methoni, Greece

Methoni, Greece. Photographer: My blue flamingo

I know, escaping isn’t a solution but I can always dream about it… If only I could leave for an adventure, vacations etc..and never come back! Until then, I have my imagination…
e4b2458d4eeee1f2820ad045a71ec1eb 30e4a83ecac28cc698bf263986bba3bf 2b1a6370f7d6ca5c270d018d0c6c208d 0ba4066e74190b322ca46711aa72c660b0714dcdfee82945c24daafa9a7f9736 31eeb0e6c95458abf205739a1b73e2e5Photo sources of the other photos are unknown, found on the internet. See more in my Pinterest colletion Roadtrip!


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